Wedding in Amsterdam

Wedding in Amsterdam

Yeliz Atici

Amsterdam, bikes and boats. Just got to love them!

Cycling to The Saloon & First eye contact

You bet I fell in love in Amsterdam. With a real Amsterdammer.I met my husband by accident. I was cycling home from dinner with an ex-boyfriend-turned-friend (thanks to him I had decided last minute to stay in Amsterdam just a few years back, cancelling all my plans to return to the States).On my way home on my bike, I got a call from a friend who asked if I wanted to meet her at a bar – she had been seeing this guy and really liked him and wanted me to meet him.It was the most cliche bar in Amsterdam – The Saloon. I literally walked through the swinging doors of the saloon and, being rather short for Dutch standards, saw through the sea of giants a pair of gorgeous green eyes looking at me… at my exact eye level.We hardly spoke at all that night, just kept making eye contact. He was friends of my girlfriend’s new guy, and it was only right as I was leaving that he stopped to talk to me. Just a few minutes, but I remember cycling home thinking that he was just a really nice, funny, sweet guy.

Yet an other bar!

The next night my same friend called me to say she was in the neighbourhood at another silly bar – Quintos – and did I want to join.I joined her and guess who was there again. This time we kept looking at each other all night until finally, a few hours later, he made his way over to talk to me.We literally talked and LAUGHED (my New York humour and his Amsterdam humour are a perfect match) until the early hours of the morning, when the bar actually starting putting the chairs up and blasting Andre Hazes (Amsterdam bar language to get the heck out of here already).

The first Kiss!

We exchanged numbers and I got the lightest kiss on my lips goodnight that was ELECTRIC. I had never in my life felt anything like it before.
The next day I was walking down the Albert Cuypmarkt with my Italian friend, telling him how I think I had met The One and how I was going to call him to ask him to meet up again. My Italian friend grabbed the phone out of my hands, telling me I needed to wait for him to call.

Apple pie & “gezelligheid” 1st date with Mr. Right

Well, just at the moment, with me trying to get my phone back, it rang. It was him, asking me if I wanted to meet up that Monday for the best apple pie in Amsterdam at Cafe Winkel on the Noordermarkt. Of course I did.
(Needless to say, Italian friend chastised me about accepting a date that was not on the weekend. And he found Apple Pie cheap. But I knew that apple pie and coffee was Amsterdam code for ‘gezellig’, which is a darn serious thing.)
Well, the next day, Sunday, I happened to bump into Mr.Right at a cafe, and we wound up spending the rest of the day together. We still kept our date for Monday – which was the best date of my life, I will never forget how Amsterdam’s Best Apple Pie basically brought us together.
It pretty much just went smooth sailing from there. No complicated games, we just so clearly adored each other and spent so much wonderful time together.

wedding in amsterdam

How a NY girl fell in Love with a guy from Amsterdam & vice versa

How a Barry White Party leads to a Wedding

Three weeks later, I held a party at my house in honour of Barry White who had just passed. He invited a bunch of his friends and not only did we have an amazing time basking in our love, but several of his friends and my friends hooked up and they are all married with children now. Clearly, in the words of Barry, we all could not get enough of each other’s love.
This picture is from that magic Barry White party.
My husband proposed three months later – and we have been together now for 11 years, have a beautiful, amazing daughter and this is the picture that captures the beauty of when soul mates find love in Amsterdam.



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