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Weddingplanner in Amsterdam

Mirjam Shah weddingplanner in Amsterdam

Weddingplanner in Amsterdam

We just love Amsterdam. We do believe it is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Not only do we have many famous painters that have painted our skies, Amsterdam has lot's of canals, bridges, boats and bikes. It is a very beautiful city with amazing historical buildings, but we also have plenty of modern venues. And we can proudly add that besides the Michelin star restaurants in our city we have plenty of other amazing restaurants where real foodies can have a blast.

Amsterdam has it all

We at wedding in Amsterdam love to assist you with the planning of your proposal, renewal of the vows,  ceremonial wedding or the planning of an official and legal wedding from A till Z. For those who would love to have a classy and tasteful bachelor or bachelorette party, Amsterdam definitely has a lot to offer. Since we are real insiders we know where the place to be is for your personal style!

Amsterdam & Holland

Amsterdam has it all, the historical buildings, the canals, the industrial buildings, The variety is immense. However if you feel like combining this city vibe with a country feeling have a look at the wonderful castles nearby or the amazing tulip fields. Whatever is your dream we can definitely make it happen!

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