Passionate about Amsterdam

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Sometimes life can be so easy and simple. You can do a lot of soulsearching and travel all over the world to find what you are truly passionate about right there at your doorstep.

When I was a little girl I used to wander off a lot, back in the days this was not considered a dangerous thing to do yet. And I just loved to discover new places, visit other peoples homes and drink some lemonade and eat a cookie at complete stranger’s houses. I would even go to the trailer park at the brim of the village and was fascinated by the copper pots and the spotless clean trailers. So my dad used to call me: little gipsy.

I have always stayed a gipsy. Sometimes I just can’t help my self, I feel restless and have to go away. Whenever I go off to travel I feel extremely happy, this sense of adventure of discovering new places and making new friends with people from all over the world can’t be replaced by anything material for me. Home is were I unpack my backpack, or my suitcase nowadays. This travel disease even has a name I recently discovered, it’s called Wanderlust!

But coming back to Amsterdam, a city that I can call my home, does put my restless gipsy blood at ease and always makes me feel like stepping in a warm bath. Even when the sky, painted by so many famous Dutch painters, is grey and when it is raining cats and dogs!

I have a long history with this lovely city starting in my early childhood when we would visit my aunty who lived next to the Vondelpark. With her we would eat french fries from a paper bag at the Albert Cuyp market, we would visit the lunch concerts at the Concert gebouw, and we as children from a Christian mother and a Muslim father would buy chicken croquet from the Kosher butcher. And whenever we would visit my auntie’s, slightly peculiar church, in the Krasnapolsky hotel on sundays and pass the University library I knew, one day I will study here. Then when I got a bit older I had my very first  student job at a supermarket in  de Jordaan in Amsterdam. Later on in life I finished my master degree at the University of Amsterdam, kept on travelling, got my 2 beautiful children here in this city of Amsterdam, still kept on travelling but along the road I discovered something important. Whenever I came back home, I realized this is my city, the city I truly love, my first love and a city I am truly passionate about. This is the passion I want to share with you, people from all over the world!!


Mirjam Shah